Sunday, August 27, 2023

I carried this around in my wallet for 7 years. I have nothing else in my wallet, except a cloth bracelet from Bolivia.

 Today i gave away my anonymity ...not that i have used it yet. 

For 7+ years all i have encountered is many green and other societal preachers whom this word sadly applies to.
I gave away my name to the one person i hope it does not. As i wish to ....
Well, i also wish there were one person who would commit to need trust when society has gone rather awry as it has.....

I encountered, or was almost 'given' this word 5 May 2016.

There is nothing particularly notable about that date  or the moment it almost appeared in my consciousness other than i was listening to this rather good program on radio 4, In Our Time on Tess of The D'Urbervilles 

Perhaps i miss heard something in the program, but the word pseudeia was starkly in my mind, i looked it up later  and found only one hit on the word via google, here

And i thought "what a superb summary in one word of rather a lot of people i had encountered the last decade, certainly the last five years. One day i must use that word" 

So here we go. Though this is entirely a non-specific, universal odyssey i shall dreamily trot out - no identification it is in my mind all universal..