Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Pseudeia 1 (intro part 1 +2)


This is not any 'blog'. Though will be created to 'blog' format, meaning i shall write and record new sections at times - maybe in spurges, maybe leaving it for weeks at a time. The latest entry (or chapter -  better put)  will appear at the top of the 'home' page.

The idea is to essentially create an 'art' work  - with words, that brings to life a series of real life events.  These events were to some extent 2003 for five years and then off and on from 2010 for a few more years and then especially increased in frequency from around 2013.  

They will not be 'fictionalised' merely shown here in a format that does not intend to identify and person or place as in any event I believe they are universal.

I may well be talking of a 20 year odyssey of sorts, but the effect sought is similar to the one day dreamy roadtrip through various people in Joyce's Ulysses.

Pseudeia 1. (introduction part 1)


Pseudeia 2 (introduction part 2)