Friday, April 26, 2024

pseudeia under development

I hope to improve this by around 20  May. I have some writings and material made 20-27 april yet to upload here. 


LONG planned  - 7 years in fact (though at first i had planned anonymous) to begin these real write ups of environmental scandal in the whole West Herefordshire South Shropshire East Powys region. Indeed is a responsibility. (for example this was started anonymously summer 2021

This is nothing new (for me)

In June 2021 i decided time to let rip

But i had to keep my words secret until i left the region, behind schedule, in June 2023  - i would have been hurt for putting my name to that site 

I have started to try and achieve some funding for book / film material - various  projects bubbling away for years,  at   (temporary fresh start arrangement to close soon) 

If anyone would like to assist my paypal  is in link below 

(and a thus far failed crowdfund i am using hahh hahh - i have no social media to spread it - social media RUINED eco work anyway! via the borderline personality disorder / narcissism it organically fertilised the last 15 years, which killed all eco solidarity, in REAL life   ) 

(by all means spread the crowdfunder if you use SM...??)

THE PROJECT - meaning my own next 10 years, but i believe nowadays  in sharing absolutely everything, as  ALL 'environmental' concern i have ever known has been entirely unsuccessful so we must somehow  guide the next generation into real change - mine is lost

(i even call out illegal fraudulent crowdsourcing - it should be pure but almost all in regions like Hay-on-Wye became corrupted)

This all adds to years of mulling and also engagement on reality of the environment.

This site has an at present temporary unindexed page (called "x" ) that only a few perhaps trusted people have had links to,  demonstrating one must go all the way - peaceful lobbying, i don't even believe in 'direct action', but total honesty and openness about all failures must be the tabula rasa 

I have a few things on that page i shall merge here.   For now a few are copied here 

 And one of many Socratic engagements  over a  decade speaking with many on the environment, but this apt in that it is with a  superb younger woman (i rarely dare to) about the TOTAL failure of art to cover environmental collapse (but there is  a future in it - the very wealthy are drawn to  masochistic art )

(downloadable google drive audio files)